October 7, 2012

So Here’s What Happened (And Didn’t) In Las Vegas - Part 1

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Here’s a quick trip report about the September Vegas trip. It might be a little out of order at this point:

I made my flight on Sunday morning, no problems, and managed to score an exit row for free. (Now I can’t decide if I like the extra leg space more than the ability to recline my seat. I think I might like the row right behind the exit row the best, because then I can recline my seat but they can’t recline theirs.) Before we took off, Twin D texted me, saying that he had missed his flight - he had left his home a little later than he had meant to but still should have had plenty of time to reach the airport (White Plains), but someone decided it would be a good idea to put the running section of a triathlon on the road between the highway and the airport, so D was stuck for a half hour a mile away from the airport, and got into the airport ten minutes before he was supposed to take off. The airline rep told him to take the next flight out (to Chicago), and he would be first on the standby list on the flight to Vegas. He was a little upset (understandably), but I encouraged him to take the flight out there and he’d just get to Vegas later and everything would be fine. Then I took off on my direct flight. The movie selection sucked and my TV wasn’t working correctly, so I decided to try the in flight wifi, thinking that I could watch some Netflix on my phone. However, after spending the $10, it became very apparent that it was not working properly, and when I went to the website and read the fine print, it said that video streaming would not work. They should make that a lot clearer on the screen before you are ready to purchase. I complained to a customer service rep on their chat and they gave me a free session for the trip back, which didn’t address the issue, but whatever. I was able to email with D, who had made it to Chicago but apparently the airline rep had been smoking crack, because the Vegas flight was oversold. He was going to sit tight and see what was going on.

We had rented a car, but it was in his name, so I took a taxi out to our hotel, the Rio. It was off the strip, but it was the only property besides the Imperial Palace where I could get a comp, and I’ve heard the Palace is a rat trap so I had no desire to stay there. The Rio had also offered me a very cheap upgrade ($10 a night) for a high floor Strip view room, which I decided to take. Check in took forever - even at an off-Strip property, it was jammed. I got my room, which turned out to be all the way at the end of a very long hallway. Next time, screw the Strip view, get me something that doesn’t take me five minutes to get to the elevator! But the suite rooms at the Rio are huge, and generally nice. They had Keurig coffee makers, which I thought was awesome, and the worst shower heads in the universe, which was terrible. I want a shower, not a sand blaster.

Twin D let me know that not only was the flight he was supposed to be on standby for was impossible to get on, but so was any other flight to Vegas, but even worse, so was any flight going back to the New York City area. He was essentially trapped in Chicago overnight, thanks to the total incompetence of the airline employee in White Plains. I was totally bummed that he wasn’t going to be able to make it. . . I mean, I guess he could have flown in the next morning, but then he would really have only been in Vegas for 24 hours. . . probably not worth it (unless you are a degenerate like me).

Twin A was still working and wasn’t going to be available for an unknown period of time (likely hours), so I sat down at a poker table. The cards were not going my way. I played for a while and could barely win a hand, and any time I was involved with a pot I was missing completely, or getting called when I was bluffing, or someone would stay in and draw out on me. The worst was when someone called my sizable reraise with A4 suited versus my AK, and flopped a straight, of course calling my all in bet. I managed not to steam too much, rebought, and stayed afloat but not coming back.

Twin A called, finally, but I was exhausted and not hungry, so we agreed to meet the next morning for brunch. I was going to have to rent a car in the meantime, since I was now carless since there was no Twin D. . .

September 16, 2012

Two Sundays of Awesome, With Suck Inbetween

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Later today I’m heading to BAM to see Einstein on the Beach, which I was fortunate enough to see the last time it played at BAM, around 20 years ago. I am expecting it to be as incredible this time as it was back then.

A week from today, I’m leaving for Las Vegas for a quick jaunt. Twin A has been out there since the end of August, working his new job with Blue Man Group, helping them move and relaunch their show with a bunch of all new acts and costumes and such. Some of the new stuff was featured on America’s Got Talent earlier this week, and if the show is as good as what they featured on TV, they’re going to be in great shape:

Those suits are so sick!!!!! Also, I’m referring to my butt as either the Jumbotron, my two weird cousins, or my gross national product from now on. (I’m not so sure about the last one, but it amuses me whether or not it was actually in the song.)

Anyway, what’s even cooler about the trip is that Twin D is also coming! I’m a little sorry Twin B can’t make it as well, but we didn’t plan it or anything, Twin D just decided he wanted to go as well. We’re both staying at the Rio, I got comped and he got a really good rate, and we both got cheap upgrades to high level strip view rooms. We’re also renting a car, since we want to make it to locations off of the strip (Pinball Hall of Fame, here we come!, and I’ll be experiencing In and Out Burger for the first time) and we’d be paying so much in taxi fare that it just made sense to get a car. Twin A plans to take us to some amazing omakase on Sunday night once he gets off work. Then on Monday, Kissyfur ALSO heads to Las Vegas, so the four of us will go have some other insanely yummy dinner, then they’ll go off and be lovey and Twin D and I will get into as much trouble as possible before my flight Tuesday morning.

It’s an incredibly quick trip, but it was all I could make work since I’m pretty much out of vacation days and I need some for the end of the year when we head down to Alabama for Xmas.

So between today and a week from today, I have the work week, which is going to be pretty terrible. I have three mornings with a prompt 9 AM start time (yes, I know, cry rivers for me, I’m a lazy lazy man), and two of those mornings involve all day (well, one all day and one “half” day) meetings with a new team that I am starting to work with. I have been warned ahead of time that there may be a lot of griping during these meetings, as they’re coming together to talk about a new process that they’ve been working on, and comparing it with the old process (strangely enough, I’m only getting trained on the old process, as the new one is going to be theoretically learned by a new colleague). And the other morning I have to attend training for system that honestly I’m probably not going to use very much, but since we have a project right now that involves its use, I have to take the training. Blah.

Also, there’s a Moth on Friday, but that’s not sucky at all. That’s awesome!

September 12, 2012

Oh, right, PSB is away again for the week.

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In Las Vegas.

Working with Annie Duke again.

Um, can I borrow a babysitter and some vacation days and a leer jet, please????

I’m off to Vegas myself in a week and a half - Twin D and I are going to meet up with Twin A, who is out there for two months working on the new Blue Man Group show at the Monte Carlo. We’re going out for omakase, and going to the Pinball Hall of Fame, and then Kissyfur flies in and we all go to another fancy dinner together, then A and K go off for lovey time and D and I go gamble and gamble and gamble. I’m really looking forward to it.

August 27, 2012


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Thanks, Twin A, for bringing us back up and running.

PSB has left for Burning Man, leaving me with a toddler and a parrot.


July 10, 2012

Two days until vacation. . .

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and I’m finding it hard to concentrate on anything. I did manage to get one of two assignments completed, and the other I will bang out later today/tomorrow (as long as it’s done by Wednesday before I leave, it doesn’t matter when exactly it gets done, and some of it is dependent on other people, who of course are taking their sweet time to get their parts back to me. . .)

I got a $50 AmEx gift card in the mail today from a colleague who I helped out, getting some graphics for her from a different department for a side project she was working on. It was really nice of her. I didn’t even feel like I was doing anything special, but to her, I was, so I’m not going to complain!

Tonight we’re taking our administrative assistant out for a drink or two - his last day is Friday. His position, as well as another team member’s, was eliminated due to budgets and consolidation. It’s really a bummer. He’s kind of excited though, which is good, at least. He is in the same boat that I was, not knowing what to do and stuck in a position that paid well enough that he sucked it up and dealt with it. . . and the other colleague needs to move away to be with her husband, so in a way, getting a package was awesome for her. Still sad, though. She and I worked together really well. In the meantime, I’ve picked up a bunch of new responsibilities, which is mostly good, except for the fact that last week I kept getting requests to give people access to a SharePoint site, but I couldn’t do it because no one had given me the proper access, and the people who could had either been let go or were on vacation. . . a little awkward, but it’s all taken care of now.

I have to go complete my mid year review, and I’m tired of writing “I’M SO AWESOME GIVE ME A RAISE” fifty different ways.

UPDATE: The second project has been pushed back to the end of July!!!!! MUHUHUHUHUHUHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!

May 18, 2012

It’s a Harold Double Shot!

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And here’s a bonus birdie video!

May 9, 2012

Look! I’m in Gothamist! Sort of.

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April 12, 2012

I Went to Las Vegas and All I Got Was This Lousy Caricature

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Don’t mess with my 80s karaoke style!

April 2, 2012

The briefest of Las Vegas trip reports

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Saturday - arrive in Vegas with a monster headache. Do some work stuff. Take a lot of pain relievers that don’t do much good. Eventually give up and go to the MGM Grand to play poker, as there are supposed to be a ton of fish there. Apparently I am meant to be the fish food that night. I was probably not playing great, but I have never had a night where every time I had a good pocket pair, some one else has a better one. Dropped $400 at one point but managed to come back a little. I leave down $250 or so. The only redeeming part of the night - when my taxi driver asks me if I want to be brought to a massage parlor.

Sunday through Tuesday - lots and lots of work stuff. The meeting goes pretty well. My one presentation - “Welcome to Las Vegas” is a hit. Here’s why:


(Don’t ask me how hard it was to find an Elvis wig in Las Vegas.)

I also do some karaoke one night at our gala dinner, and everyone is impressed. :) There were caricature artists, and I got a caricature done. I will scan it later this week. I squeaked in a little gaming one night at the Las Vegas Hotel and Casino (formerly the Hilton), I break even or leave up a drop.

Wednesday: After getting my rear end handed to me at assorted games at the Wynn, I play poker at the Wynn and then when my table breaks, I walk to Planet Hollywood to play there. My evening goes much better - I get offered cocaine, a prostitute solicits me, and I win back most of what I’m down. I leave the casino at 8 am when the table breaks, and go back to my hotel, where my colleagues are having breakfast. They are astounded, amused, and a little impressed that I pulled the all-nighter.

Thursday: I sleep from 10 am - 3 pm or so, then head to the Pinball Hall of Fame for a few hours, then over to Firefly to meet up with a bunch of old high school friends - one lives in Vegas, one was in for a convention, and two came for the weekend. Dinner was fantastic and it was great to catch up with everyone. We head to the Aria to try and find a poker table but the wait line is ridiculously long. (I love how much Omaha they are offering over there though!). They give up and go home (they’re playing golf at 6 am the next morning), and I head back to Planet Hollywood, where I continue my winning streak and finally leave around 2 am, up $100 for the week. Victory!

Friday: I am really really tired. Flight home is uneventful.

We are hopefully back to Las Vegas in September when PSB has a radio conference. Twin A will already be out there on a big job. Twin D and family may come along too. Stay tuned. . .

March 16, 2012

Bad algorithm, Twitter.

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Suggesting that I follow Rick Santorum???

I should delete my account just out of principle.

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