December 20, 2007

BAH HUMBUG!!!!!!!!

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As if I don’t have enough annoying crap to do today, one of my managers is making me design her a holiday e-card for her to send out to her team, after I spent a half hour in the card store finding holiday cards for her that were “tasteful and simple”.

She did give me two bottles of wine as a holiday present, but COME ON!  I’d rather poke my eyes out than be working on this thing.  I’m stealing google images and sticking them on and throwing some snowflakes on it and sending it to her.  She didn’t like my first one - she said it was too boring.  It probably was.  I have about as much interest as doing this as I have pouring hydrochloric acid down my pants.

My other manager gave me a nice new set of leather gloves that are cashmere lined - woo hoo!  I lost one of my leather gloves a few weeks ago, and recently bought a pair of street gloves that work pretty well, but the new ones are great.

Where’s the best present of all - the golden parachute???

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