December 20, 2007

Move Postponed. . .

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Unfortunately Olga N. is having trouble with her new apartment, so we’re going to be moving later than we thought.  We’re now hoping for February 1, but it may be later than that.

I’ve already started saving boxes at work.  I haven’t started collecting AM New York and Metros yet.  Probably January 1st.

I worked with PSB and my friend L. the other night on my resume - she’s really good at building them, I think.  If you’re interested in seeing the new and improved version, shoot me an e-mail.  I welcome all comments.  I’m hoping to have it finalized for the new year and start getting it out.  March 1 is my goal for a new job.  The other Olga threatens to get me fired on March 1st if I’m not out by then.  I have no idea how she’d do it, but she’s pretty nefarious - she’d come up with something. . .

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