November 3, 2007

Liquids 2, Messenger Bags 0

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Years ago I ruined a messenger bag when I brought home a bottle of Downy in it, not realizing that the cap wasn’t on well.  The bag became permanently April fresh, along with whatever was in the bag at the time (mostly headshots and resumes, I think).  I bought a new bag and swore that I would never make the same mistake again.

Last night, before going out to a party, I mixed a special drink for some friends of mine, poured it into an Arizona green tea bottle, tightened the cap as hard as I could, put it in a plastic bag, and tied the bag.  I thought, “I’m golden!”  Nope. I wasn’t golden.  The bag leaked, soaking everything in the bag, including the digital camera bag, but fortunately not the digital camera.

I’ve already been out and picked up my new bag, at an unlikely place - a leather shop on 34th Street called Tannery House.  The woman who assisted me was awesome - I’m very finicky when it comes to my man bag, and she found me something perfect right away.  Nice simple style, lots of pockets, and excellently priced.

I will never carry liquids in it.  I will never carry liquids in it.  I will never. . .

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