August 30, 2007

Mini Vacations

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PSB is off to some Burning Man-esque gathering in upstate New York this weekend, via Westchester tonight, so I’ll have my run of the house. Saying that doesn’t mean very much right now, as we’re in an unusual situation - the landlords are cracking down again, and they sent Jon L., who actually has the apartment leased under his name (PSB is legally his roommate, but I am a squatter), documents saying they know he hasn’t been living in the apartment, and that either he has to move back in, or we all have to vacate. By September 1st.

This is obviously bad timing for any number of reasons, so Jon got himself a lawyer who happens to have dealt with this situation quite a bit, and he told Jon that he should move back in and the lawyer will send papers to the lawyer representing the landlord saying “Let’s Make A Deal”! Jon’s leased the apartment for a really long time, so he’s paying in rent probably half of what its value currently is (and it’s a great apartment, for what it is, but it’s not huge, and the bathroom is a little nasty [except for the tub, which I refinished this past spring, but neglected to blog about it - at the time, I was trying to keep it a secret from PSB, and then I just forgot], and the roof leaks in various spots), and to the landlords, it’s worth it to pay us some sort of settlement to move out, so they can renovate and then charge an assload for it, and make back what they paid us to move that much faster. So in order to play “hardball” with the landlords, Jon has moved back in, and in order to disrupt all our lives the least, PSB and I have moved back in to her old bedroom, which is now the living room, and we’re sleeping on an air mattress with about 10 blankets and Burning Man furs piled on top of it to make it a little more comfortable, and we gave Jon the bedroom, since he’s only here to sleep for the most part.

Since PSB is going to this camping thing, she’s taking the air mattress. Twin C gets the nest of blankets. (Jon actually said he’ll probably not be around all weekend, but I’ll probably just sleep in the nest anyway.)

We’re hoping this gets resolved by the end of September, with a decent amount of money and a reasonable moving out time (we’re hoping for December 1?), but in the meantime, it’s kind of funny, and a little annoying, but what can you do? It rocks rent-wise. PSB is paying me back for various things by paying some of my rent each month - now that there’s three of us paying, she’s paying for MOST of my rent, and I’m paying $120.

As for a mini vacation for me, I’m not going anywhere. The indoor cat wants to stay inside. I was thinking about maybe heading down to AC, but I think I’ll just play online instead. I think I’m getting a belated sushi dinner on Saturday night, and then PSB will be back Sunday, and we have to go wedding ring shopping - the artist who she wants to buy from will be up at Lincoln Center at some fair, so we have to go up there to check out the rings and see if she wants it - and then we’re having some people over to celebrate the Temple burning out on the playa.

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