August 16, 2007

Twin D and Jax’s Wedding

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So last Sunday was the big day, but due to various ailments, one of which I’m suffering right now, I’ve been too lazy to blog about it. Here’s a recap: Twin A, Kissyfur, PSB and I rented a car and schelpped out to Long Island Saturday afternoon, and stayed at a hotel near Roosevelt Field (I threatened them that we were going to go shopping all night long). We all crashed in one room, which wasn’t bad except for the fact that due to the way the air conditioner worked, the room would be either 10,000 degrees or -10,000 degrees. . . my parents held a “rehearsal” dinner for family members that night (there were some sort of family politics going on that involved there being two dinners. I don’t know anything about it, and it’s none of my business. Perhaps D can explain if he cares to) at an excellent Italian restaurant a few minutes away. After the dinner, we went back to relax. I ended up watching “Stir of Echoes” on TV while everyone fell asleep - pretty good movie, I thought. I love Ileanna Douglas.

Sunday morning A, B, and I hit a diner (A demanded more food than just the continental breakfast the hotel had), then went back, we all changed into our tuxes, and drove over to the Jewish Center where the wedding was to be held. We were there super early, since we had to vacate our hotel room, so we sat around until other people arrived. We learned that there was a “groom’s chamber” where we could go hang out, which had a TV and a PS2, but no games for it! Annoying. I would have brought something if I had remembered (I think D told me there was a PS2 a long time ago, but I forgot). Eventually we were called to take photos with the bride and groom and the immediate family, and then with the bridal party. We were then given a two minute rehearsal walkthrough, and were spaced on the bimah (the “stage” of the sanctuary room where the ceremony took place). Then, before we knew it, the ceremony started, we all walked in, the rabbi did his thing, we all said our little prayers (there are seven Jewish wedding prayers, and D had us, Jax’s brothers, and the two fathers say them instead of the rabbi), and before you know it D and Jax were sucking face on the bimah! It was a nice ceremony, but a little dry - the rabbi said a lot of stuff in Hebrew without bothering to translate, leaving us in the dark. (Jax and D, by the way, both looked great. Here’s a photo of the two of them:)

Oy, such an attractive couple!

The cocktail hour was, in a word, impressive. There were a bunch of different stations - a fajita bar, a sushi bar (guess where I spent a lot of time?), dumplings, Chinese food, caviar, Jewish deli. . . PSB and I both thought to ourselves “they have more food at their cocktail hour than we’re going to have at our entire wedding!” Everything I ate was excellent. The bar was all top shelf as well, which was great, but knowing that I had to give a best man’s speech at some point, and then eventually had to drive home, I didn’t booze it up.

After the cocktail hour, we moved into the main room for a tasty dinner. I gave my speech which everyone really seemed to enjoy - thank you to PSB for helping me work on it. We all danced a lot and ate a lot, and had a great time. The band stopped playing at 9:30, and most of the party was still there - no one wanted to leave! We eventually gathered everyone and drove back to the city - A, B (who caught the ride home), and Kissyfur ended up jumping out in Queens when I stopped to gas up - it made more sense for them to call a car from there (right by the Queensborough Bridge) than to get one from Manhattan.

PSB and I got home around 11:30 and headed to bed. Around 3:30 a.m. I started having a nightmare where my stomach was hurting terribly. I then woke up and discovered it wasn’t just a dream. . . after a few trips to the bathroom and not much sleep, I decided to take a sick day on Monday, where I barely had enough energy to get up from the TV, except for the fact that I needed to bring back the rental tux, and I needed to meet Twin A to give him his tie, which he had left in the car by mistake. . .

I felt better by Tuesday. Yesterday, however, I started coming down with a cold, and today, I’m in the middle of it. I’m trying to stay hydrated and flush it out of me, as we have tickets to Absinthe at the Spiegeltent tomorrow night, and then a bunch of parties on Saturday. . .

Also, on top of everything else, my manager went into the hospital on Tuesday. Early Tuesday morning while she was in a meeting she seemed to almost faint - after examining her, the onsite doctors thought it was a TIA, but after 24 hours of being poked, prodded, and stuffed into various machines, they couldn’t find a thing wrong with her, so they released her last night, and she went home today. The only “good” part about all this is that the move to the new floor and the horrible new cube has been postponed for at least a month.

So I think I’m all caught up, except for the wedding kvetch, which I refuse to do until the current issue which I need to kvetch about is resolved. There’s another kvetch in the works as well. But I guess there’s always kvetches in the works, no?


  1. Excellent Recap, Josh. The Mrs, the Princess, and I had a great time there,
    Kudos to Catherine for the speech help, it went over BIG TIME !!!!

    It was an excellent wedding, the cocktail hour was incredible!!!!

    We are really looking forward to yours !!!!


    Comment by Myles — August 17, 2007 @ 10:51 am

  2. Stir of Echos scares the crap out of me. I saw it that night too. I had seen it before and it still scares me. Good luck with your wedding, Twin C!!! I’m sure it will be great. Congrats to you and to your brother. I believe I met all of the twins at one point during college - driving you back and forth from Poughkeepsie!

    Comment by Laura — August 18, 2007 @ 10:57 pm

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