July 19, 2007

Tattletaling was never this satisfying.

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Some little punk at a poker table online was sore because he lost, and chose to start messing with me. (I might have instigated him a little.) The sites are pretty good about blocking offensive language, but this guy used some spaces inbetween his letters, and called me a “f a g got”. This pissed me off, as I don’t give a crap if you insult how I play, but once you get personal, and use a disgusting slur, I’m mad. He also had the audacity to say that me calling him a jackass (which, coincidentally, the poker site doesn’t block) was on the same level as him calling me a faggot. So I copied the section of chat in which he insulted me, and sent it into Support, and I just got an e-mail back saying his chat was banned.

Fuck you, jackass!!! I’m the one laughing now.

UPDATE: It appears that I have received a warning for using the term “jackass”, which I apologized for, reminding them that it is similar to “donkey”, a common poker insult. Regardless, my chat wasn’t banned. Whatever.

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