May 16, 2007

The Austin Report - Part 2

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Slightly condensed, since it’s so late:

On Friday, we met a friend of Catherine’s who drove in from Houston - we went out for a very late Mexican breakfast, where I ordered an omelet with cactus in it, which I was really enjoying until I got a big mouthful of jalapeno. Mom used to put everything in the blander growing up, and while I can handle wasabi, for some reason jalapeno puts me in misery. I ate around them as best I could, but I kind of lost my appetite. We then drove out to the Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center, but upon arrival discovered it was closed for the day for a private event. Boo! We headed back into town and parked near the river, and decided to walk down there for a little while, checking out the bridge where all the bats live, all the plants, and a bunch of neat birds (I declared myself the King of the Grackles, similar to Twin A, who years ago declared himself King of the Sea Gulls). I called K a few times, and we made tentative plans to try and meet up before the evening event she had planned. Coming up from the river walk, we looked for a coffee shop that wasn’t a Starbucks, but somehow after walking for what seemed like an hour, we couldn’t find one, and ended up at a hotel coffee shop that was actually one after all. It had couches, and for the next two hours, probably to PSB and her friend’s dismay, I was too tired to go anywhere or do anything, practically falling asleep a few times as I sipped on my mocha. Eventually we motivated ourselves enough to go get some dinner, so I called Gavagirl, who recommended a Thai restaurant somewhat nearby - we headed over and got a table, eventually she got there, and we all enjoyed a tasty dinner. PSB gave Katy Cox, the old Moth violinist who moved to Austin last year, a call, and she said to come meet her at a bar before she was supposed to play (at midnight). Meanwhile, no word from Jefe, who we thought would be done with work and could meet us. We drove over to the bar, but strangely it wasn’t open yet (at 9:30 p.m.???), so we stopped to get some ice cream at Amy’s (MMMmmmmmm!!!), eventually the bar opened and we headed up for a drink. Katy came up, Gavagirl called Jefe to discover that he got held up at work and was completely wiped, and as PSB’s friend was staying at a hotel, Gavagirl drove us back to Jefe’s place (she lives in the same building complex). Jefe’s place was cute, and included two beasts, Mr. Orange, and Toe Vegas, the Laziest Cat in the World. PSB and I conked out shortly thereafter. I was very sad to not to have gotten to see K again, but was so happy to have hung out with her the night before. Hopefully our paths will cross again.

Saturday: PSB had other friends who lived about an hour out from Austin, and they drove in and met PSB, Jefe, and I for an awesome brunch right near where we were the night before, and on the way there, we got to wander into a store or two, including a store filled with kitsch - awesome! PSB’s friends had heard that I like sweet tea, and bought me a gallon of it! It was very kind of them. The best part about it was the brand name: “Chicken Express”. Afterwards, PSB went shopping with her friends, and Jefe took me for a driving tour of part of Austin, and then we went to a billiard hall I noticed during our hikes the day before - the place had a bunch of pool tables, foosball tables, and shuffleboard tables! I would have played shuffleboard, but Jefe didn’t consider them to be much fun, so we cued up instead. After a slow and embarrassing warm up, Jefe and I both managed to put together a few good games. Jefe’s friend, L, from the other night joined us for a bit, then headed off to some sort of fancy shmancy wine and cheese tasting. PSB showed back up, and we solidified plans for the evening - dinner at Baby Acapulco’s, where I would be able to drink an infamous purple margarita, and then go see Katy play in one of her many bands, at a coffee shop just about across the street.

We headed over to Baby A’s, got our table for three turning into five, and ordered our drinks. The purple margarita came - they’re made with Everclear instead of tequila. I have to say, yes, they’re tasty, and yes, they pack a punch. L and Katy eventually showed up, and we all chowed down - the food was a step above ChiChi’s (if anyone remembers what ChiChi’s is) - decent, but not amazing. We then headed over to the coffee shop for Katy’s show. Here’s the band’s MySpace page. They sounded great. I also got to chat with the singer/guitarist, Jenny, who as I found out, went to Vassar! We tossed Dutchess County humor back and forth for a bit. I had a relatively early plane the next morning, and PSB was still wiped from the show, so we headed back after the show.

Sunday: the purple margarita reared its ugly head. I wasn’t hung over, but I did not feel good. Jefe drove me out to the airport, and on the way, I realized that we had left the sweet tea in the car overnight, and that it was not going to be the best thing to try and put in my suitcase, nor was I going to be able to bring it on the plane, so I chugged as much as I could on the way over. God, it was really really good.

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