May 9, 2007

Captured! By Robots at the Luna Lounge

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Reading through Gothamist yesterday afternoon, I saw that C!bR were playing - I had no idea JBot and friends were in town, and quickly decided that despite the fact I was really really exhausted from staying up way too late the night before for no good reason whatsoever (stupid internet!), I was going to attend. I called A and B to see if they were interested, and they both said yes, so off we went! We met at the Lounge early, bought tickets, and then went out for tasty Thai food across the street, and then, back for the show.

Here’s a little clip of the opening act, the Teddy Bear Orchestra:

Not their best song, but this video lets you see how cute they are, and how well they rock. JBot apparently programmed these guys in his spare time, that being I have no idea when!!!

Then the covers came off the robot crew, and the rock was kicked up a notch. Here’s a rendition of one of the highlights of the show (sans costumes - this version is from an older show, but it’s the better recording on YouTube):

They also played “I’ll Melt With You”, “Hot Hot Hot” (and got a bunch of hipsters to congo to boot!), and a bunch of originals.

He promised to come back next year with a George W. Bush seven year retrospective. I can’t wait!

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