April 29, 2005

Behold the glory

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of Captured! By Robots!

One man’s quest to rock us all out via robot death metal (with some hip hop and reggae thrown in). And boy, did he ever. I wasn’t crazy about all of the music, but the spectacle of it all was astounding. JBot’s banter with the other robots is what truly made the show (although he was sick, and his opening band never showed, so I think he was a little out of it - I imagine the banter would have been even better otherwise).

I have been rocked. Aw yeah. Twins A and D were along for the ride (Twin A is the one who introduced us to the insanity), as well as PSB and D’s Squeeze.

Ex-gf sent me an apology e-mail for our hellish IM a few days ago, and suggested that we shouldn’t communicate. What a brilliant idea. I wrote back and said “Oh, but really, I’d love to keep IMing with you so you can go all psycho on me every couple of days! It’ll be just like when we were dating!”

The mega-CD production has begun. I have to start making the labels, and then ask the ladies around here ever so nicely if they will help me label. . . Good thing I’m outta here at 2 p.m.


  1. Oh snap! Wish I knew ’bout that beforehand. I wanna be rocked by GTRBOT666. Damn, thought I was hipped. Guess not.

    Comment by sean — April 29, 2005 @ 5:00 pm

  2. Next time JBot’s in town, EVERYONE’S going to know. We promise.

    Comment by Twin C — April 29, 2005 @ 5:07 pm

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