April 18, 2007

Team Building!

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Tonight was the big event - we ended up going to a hands on group cooking session, led by Karen Lee, held in her lovely apartment on the Upper West Side. We made a Chinese meal of wild mushroom spring rolls, ginger beef, napa cabbage with sake and mirin, whole grain fried rice, and poached pears with dried cherries. It was all AMAZING. Karen was a doll. One team member seemed a little cranky and chose to kibbitz most of the time instead of help out. (Kibbitz, in this case, stands for “make snide comments, mostly vaguely critical of whoever was doing something”.) Everyone else seemed to have fun. I stole a glass of sake to drink when Karen wasn’t looking. My manager had a few glasses of wine and started talking about how, the first time her mother came to visit her when she was living in New York City, her mom turned on the TV and somehow ended up seeing Robin Byrd, and was so amazed that she had to call her dad to say “You’ll never guess what’s on the TV right now!” I found this highly amusing. (I thought she was going to say “We have to get cable right away!”) I didn’t get to tell her how a bunch of friends and I years ago used to flip on Robin Byrd and play “Real or Fake?” with the female strippers. All in all, a fun evening, although the team didn’t come together any better. Part of the problem was that one of our team members, our newest one, wasn’t feeling well and decided not to come. We were also supposed to have a new team leader by now, but there have been some difficulties, so no one has been named as of yet.

None of this is going to matter soon, as my efforts to leave for a different job are moving forward again. I’ve been getting resume help from PSB and a friend at work as well, and I’ve been hopping on the job websites and fishing around in the hopes of finding positions I’d be interested in and qualified for. I’ve seen a few things, but I’ve got to finish the resume work first. I’ll hopefully have that done by Monday. . .

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