April 28, 2005

Hooray for Secretaries! Administrative Professionals!

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I was sent this link by one of the 150 random people I end up supporting:

gooooooooooo Administrative Professional!

It amuses me to no end, although I don’t like the implications, considering it’s a woman.

However, the same person who sent me that e-card also sent me some gourmet cookies! I now have the potential to become the fattest administrative professional ever, with a bag of Lindt lindor truffles, a bag of mini Cadbury chocolate bars, a box of Cadbury chocolate bars, a big Lindt chocolate bar, the box of cookies, assorted small chocolate pieces from Las Vegas, and five Creme Eggs all within easy grasp.

*UPDATE* I’ve just been given a small box of Godiva chocolates as well. When it rains, it pours.

Coincedentally, I haven’t been to the gym in MONTHS. However, I’ve managed to lose weight lately. It comes from the “Eat a handful of Cheese Nips for dinner because you’re too busy gambling to eat” diet. I don’t recommend it.

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