April 27, 2005

Playin’ hookie

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I woke up with a headache, and figured that the three people who are actually in my office working wouldn’t miss me that much if I took a sick day. So here I am, at the home computer. NICE. My head still hurts, but it’s getting better. I need to go get a bagel, and then do my laundry.

Yesterday afternoon at work, things with the ex-gf reached a new low. We started to IM again, which turned into a two hour long bitch-fest about what a horrible boyfriend I was, how incommunicative I am, how I never gave her compliments, how much I hurt her, etc. Which would be fine if we had broken up last week, but this is SEVEN MONTHS ago already. Hung up, perhaps???? The best part? Yesterday was her birthday, which obviously I ruined for all of the above reasons. Needless to say, she has been blocked on my IM. I’m wondering if I need to block her on Outlook as well. I have this weird fantasy that I end up having to report the situation to Human Resources because of harassment, and I have to get a restraining order, which she then violates, and she gets thrown in jail, screaming “YOU NEVER COMPLIMENTED ME!!!”

I’m going to curse my luck, but I’ve started to climb back up in poker again. I’m at $3600. I’ve found that two things help. One is not playing too many hands, unless it’s cheap. The other is, if I do get hammered on a hand, not to buy in for the full table amount, but for whatever I just lost instead - $25 instead of $50, for example. (If I lose it all twice, the smartest thing would be to go to a different table.) My biggest weakness seems to be not being able to lay down a big hand when it’s most likely beaten. For example, last night I had two jacks as my starting cards, made a decent sized raise, and got two callers. The flop (first three cards) were nine, two, and two (two different suits). I put in a good sized bet, and I get raised. Now, what I should be thinking is, “Hmmmm. What could someone have? Why did I get raised?” but instead I think “Oh yeah, screw you! I’m all in!”, and I go all in, and get called, and lose, because someone had called my original raise with an ace and a two. A slightly loose call that paid off for him. I think I’m also thinking “I don’t want the players to see me raise before the flop, and then fold immediately after. They’ll catch on, and raise me every time.” What I’m forgetting is that we’re on a .25/.50 table - no one is watching stuff like that!!! It’s kind of like when you’re playing pool, and you’re lining up your shot but you’re thinking about your leave (where the cue ball is going to end up), and you botch the shot but get the leave right. Or it’s kind of like in Scrabble, when you’re holding on to the Q and a U but. . .

Just kidding.

Anyways. Laundry. Bagel. Mmmm.

Congrats to PSB and the Moth, which sold out 500 seats at the NYPL tonight! Twin D and his squeeze will be there. Not sure about A and/or B.

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