February 16, 2007

Fish Rage!!!!!

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I’m going to tell you something, and you’re just going to have to take my word for it - save up your money and make yourself a reservation at Nobu.

I took PSB there for dinner on Valentine’s Day, and it was incredible. If it wasn’t the best meal I’ve ever eaten, it’s the second best, and the first must have erased itself from my memory for the time being. I was hoping to get a copy of the chef’s tasting menu we ate, but I haven’t gotten one yet so I’m going to go off of memory the best I can. After sipping on some of the best sake I’ve ever tasted (PSB even liked it, and she hates sake), the courses were:

- Sushi in a creme sauce sprinkled with caviar, seaweed, and rice flakes. I took a bite and started giggling as it was so amazing - sweet, salty, just fishy enough, and a little crunch from the flakes. Unbelievable.

-Mackerel ceviche with a drop of chili and cilantro - also quite tasty, and with a little more of a kick - the citrus and the chili almost canceled each other out though, so it wasn’t too hot.

-Three pieces of toro with miso flakes and a garlic chip, accompanied by spring vegetables, with a light dressing. The toro was wonderful, with the texture heightened from the crunch of the flakes and chip.

-Rock crab spring roll with a side of greens, with olive oil, truffle puree, and asparagus puree for dipping.

-Seared hawaiian sea bass with mixed vegetables. This and the first course were my two absolute favorites. The sea bass was so light you barely touched it with the chopsticks and it split in half for you. It was incredibly sweet and flaky.

-Five pieces of sushi. I can’t remember all of them, but the three best were the sweet shrimp, the wild yellowtail, and the blue fin toro - I got extra pieces of the last two at the end of the meal.

-Dessert - a bittersweet tort filled with caramel, and a milk chocolate mousse with strawberry sauce. Both quite tasty.

As we knew two of the hostesses (the lovely Elna and Stacey), we were also given a little chocolate tray to nibble on as we got the check, which was outrageously expensive, but totally worth it. I’m already saving up for the next trip. I’m no food critic, so I’m not giving any of these courses justice. They were all ABSOLUTELY INCREDIBLE.

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