April 26, 2005

Slacker City

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My manager is off in Puerto Rico until Sunday. While I certainly have things to do, I’d much rather stare at the Internet, or even just stare off into space. Among the fun things that await me, responsibility-wise, is ordering 700 CDs, CD labels, and CD holders, burning 135 copies of each of 5 CDs, labeling them ONE BY ONE, and packing them all up. It’s going to be AWESOME.

I’ve been having some recent weirdness with an ex-girlfriend, who works at my beloved company. I broke up with her eight months ago, it was somewhat messy, but we work in different departments in different buildings, and haven’t even run into each other for like four or five months. So she starts sending me “friendly” e-mails last week, and we end up chatting on IM, but it got snarky and passive-aggressive on her end, which was a warning sign for me. At one point she asked “so when do you go to the cafeteria? I don’t want to run into you”.

So why are we chatting online if you don’t want to run into me?

I tried to stay cordial/friendly, and then logged off the IM. And of course, yesterday I ran into her at the cafeteria. If we hadn’t had the IM conversation (and I hadn’t been exhausted and cranky from too much jew food and not enough sleep) I wouldn’t have felt awkward at all. But not that I knew how she felt, I felt guilty that I was there (although not during her designated “no Twin C time” of 12 - 1) and I felt uncomfortable knowing I was making her uncomfortable. She immediately e-mailed me saying “well, that was awkward, wasn’t it”. (No fucking kidding.) I told her I didn’t think we should be communicating if she still feels weird seeing me. Then she got majorly passive aggressive with me, saying that SHE was the one trying to be friendly, and maybe that wasn’t such a good idea. But I called her on it. And now we hate each other.

Whatever. I’ve tried to stay friends with exes, and for the most part it works, but sometimes you can’t overlook the fact that even if you dated the person, you weren’t necessarily friends with them.

As for my current (and infinitely better) girlfriend, my poor PSB is suffering from the evils of allergy season. Booooo, allergens!

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