February 13, 2007

And the issues continue.

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Our poor beast is just not doing well. This morning she seemed strangely out of it, although she did eat some, which is good. The vet called again with some test results from last week - apparently her thyroid has shut down as well. We can give her thyroid medicine which should make her feel somewhat better, and then judge if we should try her back on the heart medicine and everything else as well. PSB has gone to pick up the medicine and give her some and then head off to work. After work I’ll head home, to possibly find cat puke and diarrhea, two possible side effects. The medicine might also be very expensive, which makes me wonder if it’s worth giving her if she probably doesn’t have more than a few weeks left (according to the vet).

Trying trying times.

Remember when I used to complain about poker? That was fun. I managed to sattelite into a big tourney last night, until I realized it was a rebuy and I was pretty much wasting my time playing it - unless I got whomped with the deck early, I was doomed, and sure enough, some jackass put me all in preflop with bullshit and won, knocking me out. I hope he didn’t even make the money. I also almost satellited into another tourney, coming back from the brink a few times, until I made a horrendous play that got me nearly wiped out, and then I couldn’t recover. I will try again tonight. . .

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