April 23, 2005

A prophecy has been filled

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Sire Kaplan has now fed the sacred giraffe of Florida.
and I am not really sure if its a good omen or a bad one.

A prophecy has been filled ....

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  1. Look at this!!! What better present can you give a man who’s been obsessively collecting giraffes for 20 years than to take him to feed the giraffes on his 60th birthday? Dad was happy, despite his chronic back pain. For $1.00, you can buy some crackers (it looked like Wasa Bread to me) and the giraffes will come over and grab them out of your hand with their long, agile blue tongues. My dad likes to pat the giraffes when they come in for a cracker. I did it too- they’re soft. You have to be careful though, as the cracker-selling lady warned us, because the giraffes will also grab your sunglasses right off your head. My dad is feeding the male, but the female soon figured out that there were treats for the taking and stuck her head out of their barn- you can see her in the background. She came outside a bit later and let me feed her a few crackers. The giraffes are also the closest animals in the park to the concert area, so they get some pretty good sightlines, being the tallest creatures and all, when the Beach Boys or Lee Ann Womack come to town. Dad will probably feed the giraffes again when they go back on June 11th to see Billy Ray Cyrus (Mom likes him, and he’s also on TV now).

    Thanks B for retouching/posting the pic.

    Comment by sean — April 25, 2005 @ 3:27 pm

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