January 24, 2007


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I imagine it must get boring for you to read over and over about how great the Moth was, but it consistently is.

Last night’s show was called “From the Wasteland - Stories about Trash”, and it was a fantastic night. PSB worked with five storytellers, four of whom had never been on stage before. She worked like a dog for two weeks, but the payoff was worth it. The stories, in a nutshell: a sanitation worker talking about how he ended up being a sanitation worker and eventually being proud to be a sanitation worker; a woman who’s mom suffered from hoarding syndrome; someone who’s family biz was sanitation who hired him, an english major, to be their PR spokesman; a woman who was at first freaked out by but eventually became a freegan; and a woman who fell in love with a sanitation worker while writing about them.

Mike Daisey hosted and did a splendid job.


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