April 23, 2005

Trapped in Little Neck!

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Egad - we’ve missed our train by five minutes, and now are hiding in the basement while assorted relatives are actually performing the second half of the seder upstairs. Somehow we survived the first half of the seder, reading from what is supposed to be a progressive hagaddah (prayer book, for all you goyim in the hizzie), but it’s really just as ridiculous and self righteous as the “old shul” books we use upstate. The food was tasty, at least. And we got a lot of laughs out of the random box of fruit slices (a yummy Passover candy - pretty much just sugar and fruit coloring) my mom brought to the seder.

Poor poor Twin A. He not only managed to miss the train we were all supposed to take out to Queens by two minutes, merely by being in the wrong part of the subway train when getting out at 34th St. (the BACK, A, the back!!!), he then somehow managed to go one station past where he was supposed to on the following train (one hour later). I think he had already enjoyed a few of the four cups before heading out. (He CLAIMS it’s because the book he’s reading is so good.)

The chocomatzah came out pretty well. It’s tasty, although visually not quite as “marbly” as I would like. I will work harder on the second batch for A’s seder, next Saturday night.

Tomorrow PSB gets to experience the upstate seder - we’re hopping on a train early with B. A is going out to brunch with some friends, and D will be coming from Rockland County with his squeeze.

Props to our friend Kara, who had a dance performance on Friday night which was awesome, as usual.

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