April 22, 2005

No blogging yesterday,

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as the monkeys ate through all the wires in A’s lab, chewing their way until they reached the soft caramel core. Mmmm, technology.

I missed bitching to all of you yesterday, I really did.

First off, Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf? is BRILLIANT. Please go see it as soon as possible. It’s an amazing play and it’s impeccably acted by Bill Irwin and Kathleen Turner (the other two actors are also fantastic - David Harbour and Mireille Enos - Mireille had one of my favorite moments in the play, where something is said to her and she screeches and you have no idea if it’s out of joy or terror. SOOOOOOO fantastic).

Work is at its regular intolerable levels. Short day today. Seeing my friend Kara’s dance production at Symphony Space. Then two days of Jewin it up, Passover style. I have to run home and cook up a batch of Chocomatzah, the only way to eat matzah!(TM). Basically it’s matzah with about five gallons of homemade caramel on it, then melted chocolate on top of that. It’s yummy, and pretty easy to make (you know I wouldn’t be making it if it was difficult!). Next week, another batch of chocomatzah, as well as perhaps the most bizarre thing I make - coffee boiled eggs. Two dozen eggs go into a big pan (I usually use a turkey roaster) with a lot of coffee grounds, a decent amount of water, some onion skin, and a little olive oil. This gets placed in the oven at 200 degrees for somewhere around 14 - 18 hours. When the eggs come out, the coffee has seeped through and flavored them, and the onion skins have (hopefully) made really cool designs on the shells. I don’t remember where the recipe comes from - I think it’s Romanian? Sarah Braun told me about it originally, I think.

Monkeys have been chewing through the internet here at work, so I have to go check it out.

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