September 28, 2006

Best. Protest. Ever.

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Franklin, please tell me you went to this.

In Austin last Sunday, there was a protest by zombies for zombie rights.

Their protest was being protested. By pirates.

My favorite part is that according to BoingBoing (where else?), the zombie chant was “What do we want?” “Brains!” “When do we want them?” “Brains!”

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  1. I found out about it the night before (Thursday night, the thing happened Friday 6pm), and didn’t have time to get my shit together. I’m working with some of those zombies on another project–the pirates are just gate crashers.

    From what I heard the night before, the main beef most of the zombies had was a marked lack of zombie-friendly speech pathologists in the Austin area. And, yeah, since it was very close to the capital, the lack of fresh brains.

    Comment by Franklin — September 30, 2006 @ 9:04 pm

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