September 27, 2006

When the system works. . .

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it’s so nice.

As you know, as much as I love her, I am horribly allergic to The Beast. I sneeze and I’m stuffy and I produce more mucus than any one person should. The first two hours of my morning are a tissue bonanza.

Last month I went to get a physical (for the first time in three years - oops.), and in the process, asked the doctor to prescribe me something for my nose (I’m already on something for my lungs). He gave me a sample of Flonase, but prescribed me Nasacort. The Flonase was like a gift from the heavens. My nose opened up and stayed open all the time. Mornings were no longer filled with hacking and sneezing. AWESOME!

But it ran out, and I got the Nasacort, thinking it would do the same. However, after 48 hours, I am back to the way I used to be. Bad bad nose! Not a good medicine for me. I called the doctor, who immediately agreed to call in a Flonase prescription for me, but asked me to call him back this afternoon to make sure it went through - he was concerned about security issues. However, I just called him, and he said there were no problems! I imagined I was going to have to take the subway down to get a written prescription, which I certainly could have done as I’m not doing anything today at work, but it would have been a little annoying and inconvenient. Instead, I’m good to go.

When you think about it, didn’t they always call in prescriptions years ago, and nobody worried about security issues? It’s kind of like something we talked about briefly when I was upstate on Sunday - that people used to sell their airline tickets years ago if they couldn’t make a trip, and it didn’t matter whose name was on them. Nowadays there’s no way in hell that would happen, as your ticket is either “refundable” or “non-refundable” (AKA use it now or use it within a year with a price gouge attached as a penalty). I can’t imagine what would happen if you tried to get on a plane and your ID didn’t match the name on the ticket. . .


  1. I’m sorry, what are you calling Upstate? Is it a four letter word, or better? And do we have a pre-Thanksgiving diner date? What other questions should I consider? How many letters would be in the answer?

    Comment by Goldfish — September 29, 2006 @ 2:24 am

  2. um, that prescription is for your nose, not euphoric purposes.

    Comment by T — September 29, 2006 @ 8:36 am

  3. Goldfish: Upstate is a twelve letter word. We both know it’s not really “upstate”. Albany is upstate. People commute to NYC from where we grew up. But when people don’t know any better, they think Yonkers is “upstate”, so you just get used to saying it.

    If you’re coming into NYC, pre-Turkey Day diner action can happen. If you’ll just be in Po-town, post Turkey Day will have to suffice. Not sure about any other Polenberg plans, but I’ll be there.

    T: Oh, you mean I’m not supposed to shoot it? Oops.

    Comment by Twin C — September 29, 2006 @ 11:04 am

  4. Goldfish! We must hang, yo! Big time! You gotta meet my wifey!

    Comment by Twin A — September 29, 2006 @ 2:17 pm

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