September 27, 2006

Spam Slammed

Filed under: PolenBabble, Kvetch! Kvetch! Kvetch! — Twin C @ 12:14 pm

Something’s up with the buggies - they’re out in full force. 34 of them this morning.

Fortunately they don’t hit the blog and get caught in the queue, but it’s still annoying.

Twin A, can we get that text recognition stuff set up in our comments? Or how about the OMG PONIES!!!! recognition?

There are OMG PUPPIES!!! in the flower shop near where I work - two Maltese puppies that are super sweet and friendly. It’s sad why they have them though. They had a Maltese in the store named Salty, and somebody stole him! It happened a few months ago (I think while I was away at the island) and really upset me - what kind of person steals a dog???? Salty was really well behaved and never ran out of the store, leaving the owners to believe that he was grabbed. Just terrible.

But the puppies are awesome.

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