June 22, 2006

Bird Brained

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I met a white-bellied caique last night at the PetCo on Union Square, on my way to the Moth. I often stop there to see the birds - they have a room filled with tropical birds, most of whom are hand tamed and will come play with you. This bird’s name was Brooklyn, and all Brooklyn wanted was for me to scratch his head, neck, and belly, chirping happily the entire time. He was so so sweet. He also costs $1,500. I’m not taking him home any time soon.

Here’s a cute picture from the website of the type of bird he is:


The whole website is filled with great pictures. There’s also a really neat photo gallery showing the sequence from birth to adult - not very cute for the first month or so (I don’t think they open their eyes for the first month) - but as soon as they do, even without the feathers, they’re cute.

Last night was the last Moth of the season, and it went out with a bang! It also featured one of our Friends of Polenblog, Jon Levin, with a brilliant story about when he worked as an orderly during the graveyard shift at a hospital in Boston. Jon stole the show - he was just brilliant. Charming and funny and heart-felt. Fantastic job Jon, and fantastic job PSB for directing him!

Sorry there haven’t been many posts this week - I wanted to keep the party announcement at the top of the page. Now that they’ve made their RSVP cap, I’m back to posting. I’ll be kvetching shortly soon, too. Just not yet.

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