June 8, 2006

why can’t I sleep might as well blog…

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Harriman State Park (not far from Bear Mountain)

a little story to go along with this pic.
I was there for an American Eagle® photo shoot. Nice day.
Not such a tough job. Early call. The photo was taken at 6:54
a.m.( thank u metadata).
So its lunch and it was being served in the mess hall of the camp
site that we were shooting at. The mess hall was opened up for
us that morning and probably had not been opened since
the end of last summer. A little dirty compaired to the woods
that we were in. I get my food and walk down to the lake side
to site in the quiet and fresh air. I find this natural table and chair
(a tree stump and a flat rock) and enjoy my meal (photo shoots always
spend a lot on their catering) until one by one all these people start
coming down the hillside and chatting it up with me.
was some peace and quiet. I’m looking foward to going to Maine.
oy my knee is stiff.

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