May 29, 2006

Letters From Lem #11

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Felix Felix is hanging out with Samuel and one of the new patients in the dining room. They’re taking turns singing sad songs in Spanish that float into my room as I read The Arabian Nights. Behind their singing is music from a boombox, nurses snapping, and patients lazily acting out their impulses in the hallway. Today is the day that I read and nap with glorious weekend sunshine pouring through the safety grating.

There’s been a lot of new admissions to the ward in the past couple of days. I saw an older Polish man with fierce eyebrows and tucked in pajamas looking longingly across the river at Greenpoint so intensely that I thought he might fly across the water to return there. I aslo saw a tiny 20 year old woman tearfully beg her parents not to leave her in this place, and then explode in pain and rage, kicking the walls and reinforced windows, when they turned their backs on her and walked away. Eight nurses wearing purple gloves helped tuck her into bed.

At least four patients are under one to one observation. I can’t keep track of why anymore — one of them is always Harry Lomax and the rest are probably suicide cases. Speaking of which, Red my favorite wall street headcase just told me about everything that happend today while I was hiding in my room. Apparently in a group meeting Harry burst out in a complete rendition of “All you need is Love” (despite the protestations of the group leader.) Also Red went to church this morning. Church was a short-tempered priest lecturing at an altar on wheels butted up against a ping-pong table in a rec room whose walls were covered with patients artwork. (Red has asked that I make it clear to the world that she is not Catholic. Just bored.)

Tody was grooming day and Felix Felix is now sporting a buzz cut. Also, there were banana splits in the afternoon which I missed because I was having visiting hours with my mother.

I’d like to give a shout out to my mom who has been typing my pitiful handwritten letters and sending them to you Todd. She says she doesn’t mind but I wouldn’t have been able to smuggle these messages out of here without her formidable secretarial skills.

Two more days — looking forward to wearing shoelaces again,


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