May 26, 2006

Last Weekend’s Madness, or The Dampening of My Spirits, part 2

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I dragged a canoe over to the dock, where R. was patiently waiting, sans shoes and socks, grabbed paddles, and set back out. Our first mission: recover R.’s shoes and socks, which he had (probably wisely) given to another paddle boat to hold onto while we got back to shore. We paddled out to the boat and made a quick recovery. Then: on to the mysterious island!

Getting to the island started to prove difficult. It was kind of far out, and we had turned a corner and suddenly noticed that it had gotten a lot windier, and the water seemed to be moving against us, and it was really wavy for a lake. So wavy, in fact, that there were actually little whitecaps crashing against us. I also noticed that every once in a while the canoe would suddenly tip rapidly in one direction, causing R. and I a bit of a scare, and a bit of a laugh. I figured weight was just getting uncentered every once in a while, and I was in the back steering and guiding, I did my best to stay centered. We slogged on, especially when we saw that another canoe had made it to the island - if they could make it, so could we!

Suddenly, the canoe did the weird rapid tip thing, except this time, it was a LOT steeper. Time slowed down as I realized the one thing I did not want to happen, did not even think was possibly going to happen, was going to happen. I thought “NO I’m not going in the water, it’s too cold and I’m wearing all my clothes and it’s going to suck no no NOOOOOOOOOOOOO well if I’m going to go in I should just let myself and stop fighting it NO ARE CRAZY? you DON’T want to fall in LEAN BACK MORE FIGHT IT NOOOOOOOOOOOO”. And in we went.

The water was pretty cold, but not freezing. I surfaced immediately and grabbed the canoe. R. had done the same. My first thought was (believe it or not) “Fuck. My cigarettes.”, followed closely by “I WANT OOOUUTTTT NNNNNNNNOOOOOOOOOWWWWWW!!!!” R. kept a level head and suggested that I should stop frantically struggling to get in the canoe, and switch to the other side so we could counterbalance each other. I agreed, and moved around, R. got himself in, and then I pulled myself up and in, somehow ending up facing backwards, sitting on the floor of the canoe in three inches of water.

Other canoes came over to make sure we were okay, which we were, just soaked and cold. (I was also highly irritated, not with R. or myself, just at the situation we had gotten ourselves into.) We decided to not bother going all the way back to the beach, but to just get over to the closest dock and get out. I got myself facing forwards again and slowly paddled over, through the wind and the waves and the weird tipping thing that was still happening. (I suppose since we were already soaked, it wouldn’t have mattered if we had gone in again.) We got to the dock and got out, and one of the other canoes tied ours to theirs so the could tow it back. R. and I slinked back to our cabins, where I peeled everything off downstairs and then took a half hour long hot shower to warm back up. My sneakers went into the oven for a little while to dry out (it worked pretty well), and I wrung out the rest of my clothes and hung them in the bathroom to dry (it didn’t work - they were brought home in a plastic bag, as not to soak everything else in a five foot radius).

R. and I became infamous for the rest of the weekend as “those guys who went in the lake”. As it turns out DKNY was also thrown into the lake the night before, and managed to take one of his attackers in with him.

The rest of the weekend was not nearly as tumultuous - the wedding ceremony a few hours later was lovely. The wedding banquet was tasty (but cold - I ended up in a seat sticking half-way out of the tent, with nowhere else to go). We ran away from the dancing and instead decided to indulge in some tasty vowels that Twin A had procured. They made the rest of the evening MUCH nicer. The trip home the next day was long but uneventful.

R.’s guest post will fill in more of the weekend. At this point, there’s just one thing I can say. . .

Congratulations DKNY and Sally!!!!

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