April 20, 2006

Spam it up, spammie.

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Another barrage of spam this morning - from cell phone websites in the UK, and from some band I’ve never heard of. Fuck off, bastards! Go look for buddies on MySpace.

Last night was the Moth Outreach show at the Players - an excellent show (as usual). Our good friend Mike Daisey hosted this time, and did a splendid job, especially with his “story” about asking Andy Borowitz and Jonathan Ames for tips about hosting (Andy said “tell Jew jokes!” and Jonathan said “talk about crack whores!”) (not really). All the stories were great as well - the theme was New York Stories. It featured a 12 year old (youngest Moth storyteller EVAR!) telling a story about how on the night before his birthday, the roof of his building caught on fire, and in the chaos that ensued, he cut himself badly and his mom disappeared for hours. The headliners were Jack Hitt, with a story about his first apartment, how his landlord might have tried to kill him, and how his crazy super might have saved his life, and Daryl “DMC” McDaniels (Run DMC!), speaking about finding out he was adopted and how it affected him, as well as depression, existential despair, and Sarah McLachlan. (Hanging out with Mike Daisey and Twin B after the show, he stopped to say goodbye and shook our hands. I refrained from busting out into “You Be Illin”.)

Congrats to PSB and Frank at the Moth for such a great show!

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