March 29, 2006

Pretty good start.

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I’ve become part of an online poker league through a great website, Full Tilt Forum. There was a draft last week, and as I’m mostly a lurker and have never played in the league before (this is their fourth season), I was drafted in the tenth round.

Fortunately, I’ve already proven myself - the first event was last night - a no limit hold em tourney, and I placed fourth out of 37th! Not too shabby.

It was actually an extremely easy tourney for me to play, as I was getting WHOMPED by the deck. I was looking at strong hands over and over and over. At one point, I had pocket aces, then a lame hand, then pocket aces again! (As one would hope would happen with aces twice in three hands, I doubled up, and then doubled up again, putting me into first with lots of room to spare.) I do think I got too passive once I had the big stack, as I should have started bullying around smaller stacks (I did take a few players out, but had strong hands when it happened - KK vs. 1010, for example). I also executed a Harrington “squeeze play”, but probably a little too hard, and I had a strong hand to boot. At the final table, my cards turned mostly to crap, but I was able to hang on, steal some blinds here and there (but not from teammates, unless I actually had a hand - then I would raise, and show them when they folded that I wasn’t being a jerk), and went out when someone wouldn’t let go of their pocket threes, all in preflop against my KQo - they flopped a boat and I was done.

Next week is a Razz tourney, which I’ve been playing a buttload of lately. Unfortunately, I’ve been losing for the most part, but mostly not from bad play. Or so I hope. I’d like to place high again, to make sure my team knows I’m a good, solid, well rounded player. (The captain is already under this impression, as she has placed me in eight of the nine tourneys!)

If you’re actually interested in following the action, the leaderboard can be found here. I’m DoctorSuckout. (The Doctor is in!) Our team placed third overall, but the second place team got penalized for having too many players in the tourney, so we moved up a slot.

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