March 23, 2006

Morning Absurdity

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The alarm went off this morning at 7:50.

Which would be fine, except that I needed to be up twenty minutes earlier, to ensure I’d be to work by 8:30. The cat must have knocked the alarm over, or the battery is dying, or SOMETHING. Regardless, I was late. Very late.

“CRAP!” I yelled as soon as I could figure out what was going on. I somehow managed to shower and dress and get out the door in 20 minutes (facilitated by the fact that I probably should have shaved, but didn’t). I got to work at 8:40 - only ten minutes late. Not so bad. I quickly printed out the information I needed and headed to security, to pick up a candidate for a 9:00 interview.

Normally these candidates show up at 8:30, eager to begin their interviews and meet all the muckamucks. However, this candidate wasn’t there yet. And he wasn’t appearing. I asked security if he had checked in yet - they said “not yet.” I waited more. I stared at the weird blotches on the ceiling. I wished I had drank some of my coffee before running down there. And I waited more.

By 9:10, I figured something was up. I started calling human resources and the various people he was supposed to meet to see if anyone had heard from him.

Evenutally the recruiting people told me they had gotten a phone call - he had somehow gotten trapped in an elevator at his hotel, and no one had any idea when he’d be coming over.

I meandered back to my desk, feeling bad for the candidate, but also pissed at the circumstances - woke up stressed, hurried into work, and then waited around for nothing. BLEAH.

Is it Friday yet?

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