February 27, 2006

Back from the cold.

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Apparently Twin A’s building lost power last night, so the blog was down for a while.

Now we’re back, just in time for a major kvetch attack from yours truly. Hooray!

I had the shittiest day at work today - mass hysteria in the office. I was so bombarded with e-mails I somehow missed a request from my (more important) manager to add two people to a meeting in the afternoon. I had to beg a bunch of information from people for a team meeting for my (slightly less important but much more demanding) other manager, as well as set up a project estimate in a web program I had only a little training on - I messed up a number of times and had to keep fixing it and asking other people for help. Manager number 1 also has a rather complicated organization chart that I kept having to make corrrections on (although I did figure out at one point how to move an entire branch of people at once, which I didn’t know how to do before, saving myself a good chunk of time).

And it’s fucking COLD!!!

You may remember some references to “meat rage” found here and here, for example. Well, last night I had duck rage. The Roving Gastronome is back in town after all her health difficulties (she’s looking great), and her friend Tamara (infamous for her Moth story last year) threw a monthly dinner party in her honor (RG, her hubby, Tamara’s beau, and her friend K [infamous for being part of Twin A and Kissyfur’s NYC wedding bash - lying on the banquet table, dressed as Cleopatra and topless] were among the cooks), and the main course was roast duck, stuffed with red rice, sausage and oysters. I could not stop eating it. The duck was so succulent and tasty. I kept attacking the carcass in front of me long after everyone has stopped eating, searching for just one morsel. . .

Two more nights before I’m on the plane. PSB leaves tomorrow. She’ll be home shortly to pack.

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