February 24, 2006

T-Minus 3 hours and 25 minutes

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until escape from the cube.

I neglected to blog about what an amazing Moth there was on Wednesday night - the theme was Law, and the stories were top notch. A retired cop named Steve Osbourne stole the show with a story about being recognized years later by someone who he had arrested but shown kindness for years earlier. The story itself was pretty interesting, but his manner and his relationship with the audience was really really outstanding - he had everyone hooked from the start with his sense of humor and his timing. In a strange twist, in the story he was recognized while in Washington Square Park while his girlfriend at the time (now his wife) went to the dentist a block away. We haven’t confirmed it, but I am pretty sure that the dentist is my uncle, who’s office is right there! Small world. Another “small world” moment - another storyteller, Liz Tuccillo (who talked about how she got herself arrested during the NYC RNC and not having the experience she expected), wrote the play “Joe Fearless”, which I saw years ago downtown and loved. The coincidence: my friend Jesse, who I didn’t meet until years later, came in during the run and took over the sound booth, which was apparently a mess until he fixed it. The Moth show also featured Barry Gibbs, who had a very moving story about being framed by a crooked cop and convicted of a crime he didn’t commit - he served 19 years before being exonerated; David Feige, a public defendant who talked about when he pushed the envelope a little further than usual while standing up for a defendant’s rights; and Peter Canby, who had a few run ins with the law in Mexico when he was younger, with amusing results. Hooray, PSB!!! You did it again, and this time while suffering from the plague (that I most likely gave you)! Wonderful job!

It’s really such a fringe benefit of being PSB’s boyfriend to get to go to all the Moth shows, meet the storytellers, crash parties, etc. etc. Sorry, suckers, she’s mine!!!

Last night we had dinner with Mike Daisey and his wife at the Market Cafe, around the corner from the Moth office. The food was tasty and the conversation divine. Mike has some shows coming up in a few months at Galapagos that sound like they will be fantastic - keep your eye out.

Now it’s t-minus three hours. I’m starving - time to get lunch.

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