February 23, 2006

Honesty and Loyalty on the Polenblog

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It’s crossed my mind a few times that Twin A and I both know all four of our login passwords, and B and D could probably figure them out prettily easily. I sometimes log in as Twin A after we’ve been spam attacked, as his security level is highest, so I can delete the pesky spams that get through our first levels of defense. I did this yesterday, then forgot to log back in as myself, and left a comment today. I saw it under A’s name, realized my mistake, fixed it, and then logged in as myself. But think of the mischief!

Twin B: “BACON SUX!!!!!.”

Twin D: “I am in LOVE with ketchup! I’m going to take a bath in it later. I bought 50 bottles from the supermarket and I’m going to put them all in the tub and just roll around in it for hours. I can’t wait!”

Twin C: “So I’ve decided to stay at my job forever. Everyone is always so pleasant to be around, and I know all of my skills and talents are being utilized in the best possible manner. I’m also never playing poker again. It’s boring.”

Twin A: “I’ve sold all of my music on eBay, and bought the entire Barry Manilow collection instead. It’s all I’m ever going to listen to from now on.”

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  1. You should have thematic games avaliable on the Polenblog, and make twin A design some sort of “Four Polenberg Monty” style shell game where the user would have to guess a particular twin after all the twins have gotten mixed up by asking three yes or no questions.

    other possible variantions:

    1. A javascript type game where you pretend you’re a particular Polenberg/television character, and the computer guesses it (based off of “Guess the Dictator or Sit-Com Character” http://www.smalltime.com/dictator.html)

    2. A “Vogue” style “Are you a Twin A, B C, or D?” apperceptive personality Quiz

    3. The “Polenberg Clue” boardgame by Milton Bradley, which speaks for itself.

    Comment by ooghe — February 24, 2006 @ 10:31 am

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