October 28, 2005

Who Wants To March In The Halloween Parade With Me?

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Hey Polenblog Lovers,

This is the exciting opportunity for one of you lucky MFs to march in the East Village Halloween Parade with me as I wear my video mask with George Bush’s face on it and launch The Cutup And Funny Quotes Of Our Profoundly Befuddled And Evil Leader into space, and into the audience.

I will need you to do the following:

1. Dress up like the Secret Service.
2. This includes sunglasses.
3. Push around a little rolly cart with an amplifier, battery, and inverter on it, but carefully, so as not to disturb the cables.
4. Monitor whether my mask is working or not.
4. Keep anything bad from happening to me (which nothing ever does while wearing the video mask — everyone loves it)

Also, I’ll make sure the video goggles are actually working, so I’ll be able to see. That will be ducky.

Parade starts around 7 in the EV — whoever writes me at that address over to the right (in the Twin Communication section) first is the lucky winner! Be adored by tens of thousands of fans! Help mock our leadership! Huzzah!

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