October 23, 2005

Freaking Tournaments.

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Well, once again, my tournament skills are shown to blow. I’m out with the first third of people or so (2nd UPDATE: No, I did slightly better than that. I outlasted a little more than half the field. The grapes don’t taste any sweeter.). I got counterfeited on the board, to my credit - my 66 lost to KJ when the board showed 7A73A - two pair, higher kicker for the jackass with the big stack, and me cursing up a storm.

Now I can only hope that Kid Dynamite can do better.

UPDATE: I’ve now also had such a bad session it’s taken considerable restraint not to put my fist through my monitor. I’m going to stop playing and watch some movies with PSB, and try to forget about the entire afternoon.

I’ll tell you about the Cat Theater and Saturday night’s events tomorrow.

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