March 28, 2005

Nice Weekend. Bad Sportsmanship.

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Happy day after Easter, everyone! Today is “Cheap Ass Easter Candy Starts Today!” Day. I gots ta pick me up some of those Cadbury Creme Eggs. They are the best. It took me a while to get back into them, as an ex-girlfriend used to buy them for me and give them to me over the course of the year. When we broke up, she gave me a HUGE bag of them (she kept them in the freezer), and I couldn’t eat them, let alone look at them. I think I brought them to a party and left them there. But I’m over their emotional scarring aspects and back into their outrageously yummy goodness.

Princess Sugar Britches (hereby known as PSB from now on. Not to be confused with PBR.) and I had a lovely weekend together. We shacked up at her place and had a couple over for dinner on Friday night and Saturday night. Friday night was Mike Daisey and his wife Jean Michelle, who are both great people and really fun to hang out with - Mike is an amazing actor/storyteller who is currently performing at PS 122 in a show called All Stories Are Fiction, in which he creates a story about his life and a certain topic with rather little prep time (usually an hour or so before showtime), and then performs it on stage. It’s riveting. I’ve seen him in a number of shows, and he ROCKS. You can check him out here and I’m going to put him in as a Friend of Polenblog shortly. Saturday night was Twin A and his sweetie, which was also a blast. We got Twin A so drunk he never made it to the party he was supposed to be going to. NICE!

PSB and I have what I think is a pretty good deal. She cooks, and I wash the dishes and clean up. I don’t really care about cooking. When I do cook, it stresses me out. I have to follow the recipe to the letter and make sure nothing burns and it had better come out perfectorIamnevercookingagain. . . you get the idea. So it’s so much better for me to be anal retentive about the cleaning and dishwashing, and have her cook. I think I washed the salad. That was more than enough for me.

Sunday night I played poker with Twin D and some friends of ours. I am a HUGE poker fan. I play online A LOT. There are some weeks where I have four table games that I’ve been invited to. I am a member of a number of poker rooms in the city (I don’t go very often, as my “bankroll” [my poker playing money] is online, and my skillz, while somewhat mad, are not quite mad enough yet for lots of “big money” playing. I’m getting there. I do intend on playing the $10,000 World Series of Poker Main Event in Las Vegas within five years.). The game last night started well for me - catching some good cards and winning some big pots. Big, in this case, is $3, which is chump change for me. This is a small money table for the most part. It’s a $10 buy-in, nickel-dime-quarter kind of stuff, with a few exceptions. People win or lose anywhere from $2 to $20 over the course of the night. Meanwhile, I can win or lose $50 - $100 in one hand online, depending on the circumstances. At one point there was some ugliness at the table when Twin D was caught in a hand which he thought he had a tie for the best “low” hand, but there had been a recent rule change that wasn’t made clear in his opinion (as well as mine) which gave him the second best low hand, and he had to fold after investing $6 into the hand. I was involved with the hand as well (going for the “high” half) so I couldn’t really argue one way or the other - it didn’t seem fair to me. As it turned out, Twin D ended up doing just fine for the night, but my luck took a precarious downturn in the last 45 minutes. I went from a $15 profit to, at one point, being $30 behind. Some of it was stupid betting and some of it was bad luck, but I started to get really really angry, as it seemed that everyone else was hitting exactly what they needed, and I kept missing over and over and over. So when I dumped $11 on a hand, and then $12 on the next consecutive hand, I started slamming my cards and money on the table and pouting. In retrospect, I regret acting like a spoiled five year old, but at the time I was just so ANGRY!!!! And it’s so dumb, because it’s for such a relatively small amount of money! I just hate losing. Especially after being in a winning position. I ended up down $14. I’ve done this enough times that the guys are all used to it. Twin D teases me about it, and I deserve it. I’ve actually sent out apology e-mails the day after poker saying how sorry I was that I acted like such an asshole. This is the other reason I like to play online instead of face-to-face: I can scream my head off at the computer and pound my wrist pad and kick the recycling bag when I make a stupid play or get screwed on a hand and lose a lot of money, and nobody knows except for my roommate. It’s much better for everyone that way.

(UPDATE: Being a poor loser stems WAY back in the family history. The first time Twin A heard me swear was when he beat me in Stratego. I think I flipped over the board as well.)

Back at my desk at work today. It’s a ghost town. My manager is in Paris until Thursday. Unfortunately, I may need to take some time off instead of enjoying the quiet, as my grandfather is very sick and we think he may die within the next few days. I need to check on my company’s bereavement policies.

More babbling later.

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  1. 1. Glad to hear about the CC eggs coming back into your life. They are delicious and possibly in a parallel universe, nutritious.
    2. PSB, PBR, NPR, PS 122, PMS 1-2-3… I’m happy to hear you are happy with the royal sugary pants of your choice.
    3. Sorry to hear about your Grandpa. I’m thinking good thoughts for you and your fam.
    4. Ahhh, Paris. That cafe, that waiter. Jean-Luc!

    Comment by Sydney — March 28, 2005 @ 3:52 pm

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