August 23, 2005

When assholes attack.

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I moderate a Yahoo group called 00-NEW-YORK-CASTING - people e-mail the group with auditions, and classes, and occasionally other items. I approve the messages that get sent out. I’ve made it a strict policy to only approve audition notices for actors, singers, dancers, and models. I will sometimes approve a class if I know it’s reputable, and there’s some old-timer who posts helpful advice for actors, which I sometimes approve when it’s not full of commercials for his own website.

Last week I got a message directed towards SAG members. (SAG is the Screen Actors Guild, not to be confused with the Film Actors Guild in Team America.) We have a decent number of members in our group, but as far as I know the VAST majority are non-union. Furthermore, it was some guy stumping - he’s running for the New York City SAG Board of Directors. I don’t think twice - I delete the message.

A few days later, this gets sent to the group:

> > This is the 2nd time I am POSTING to this group.
> > WHY is it not being shown?

I figure, well, he sounds a little obnoxious, but I guess I should tell him why I didn’t post it, or he might just keep sending the message over and over. . . so I wrote what I thought was a cordial enough e-mail (please note that I did not actually call him a jackass):

— twinc723 wrote:

> Jackass,
> I did not approve your message because it has nothing to
> do with auditioning - I only post audition notices, and
> sometimes classes.
> I also doubt we have many SAG members on our list -
> the vast majority of casting notices we receive are non-union.
> Good luck with your election.
> Regards,
> Moderator, 00-NEW-YORK-CASTING

Earlier this evening, I get the following response:

My post has everything to do with acting.
As a PROFESSIONAL you would understand….a little
courtesey is appreciated. Oh, That’s right YOU are NON-union,
which is non-professional.

be well

Fuck you, you arrogant fucking prick. Just because I didn’t blow someone to get into SAG, you don’t have to get all fucking high and mighty. I went to his website - he’s done a decent amount of work, but he’s got some lame-ass credits on there. Yeah buddy, I really enjoyed you as the cab driver in “Stuart Little 2″. His spelling blows - typos all over the website (as well as in his e-mail.)

Perhaps I’m being immature about the whole thing (chances are, if I played that cab driver, it would be on my resume too), but he really really fucking pissed me off. I’d like to somehow make sure he doesn’t get elected. I’d like to see him never work again. I’d like to remind him that at one point, he wasn’t in SAG, and probably didn’t give a FUCK about the people who were. And PROFESSIONAL???? Professional people don’t waste other people’s time with things that don’t concern them and elections they can’t vote in.

I simply wrote back:

With that attitude, I can’t imagine why anyone would want to elect you.

And then I kicked him out of the group, and permanently banned him from it, and blocked his e-mail from my account. If he’s so professional, he doesn’t need to be on a non-union list. If I hear from him again, I’ll actually post his name on here, and get Twin A to help me make a website saying what a dickweed he is.



  1. Does that ^j^ signature stand for “jackass” or is he just making squinty elephant faces at you?

    Comment by nobody (Deputy, Gender Patrol) — August 24, 2005 @ 12:30 pm

  2. The j stands for “jackass”. I substituted out his real first name.

    I’m still so pissed at that guy. I hope he loses the election, and subsequently his wang falls off.

    Comment by Twin C — August 24, 2005 @ 12:36 pm

  3. The last time I lost an election, my wang fell off. That sucked!

    Comment by Twin A — August 24, 2005 @ 12:53 pm

  4. Oh, Sweetie, why didn’t you tell me? Now I’ll never be a grandmother!

    Comment by Polenmom — August 24, 2005 @ 1:27 pm

  5. I cut this comic strip out to send to you because I thought you might like to post it in your cubicle. I usually put then on the refrigerator, but on that television show they have them on their cubicles so I thought you might do that instead.

    Comment by Polenmom — August 25, 2005 @ 4:21 pm

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