August 19, 2005

Dude, Where’s My Robot?

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So we made this robot last year. It’s a glacier-bot. That is to say, it’s a robot metaphor for a glacier. Which is to say that it moves reallllly slowly. Someday it will take temperature, humidity, and c02 readings of its surroundings, and plant flowers in a graph to leave a long-term record of climate change. But for now, it just moves around. Really slowly. It’s official name is the WMG, for Wildflower Meadow Glacier. We showed it at Artbots last year. It’s neato. And James, our relatively fearless team leader, finally shot some time-lapse video of the thing moving.

Bonus brownie points to anyone who figures out what the hell is going on behind the robot.

Movie Here. Quick Time Only — it’s a MP4.


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