July 30, 2005

Part The Final

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The smoke cleared. When Twin C looked up, he noticed, that everything was kind of, well, squiggly. Objects appeared to be made of tiny, fast-moving lines.

Then he saw a bear!

It was a hairy bear! It was a scary bear! Just then, a turtle popped out from the top of Twin C’s head, and fwibbered its tongue out at the bear. The bear jumped, and beat a hasty retreat to its lair.

Damn, that was a close one, thought Twin C.

Twin C hiked for days in this cartoon universe. From time to time the sky would open up, drenching him (and, presumably, the turtle in the top of his head) with rain, but as soon as the sun would come out, the rain would be magically evaporated.

He sure was hungry, though. Hungry and thirsty. He ran out of beef jerky after the second day, and he would glance into the distance and see mirages of tennis rackets, and once, a gigantic head of Darth Vader, which was growing hair. This kind of freaked him out. He thought back to the Sexy Sexy Seminar, and wondered if he did the right thing, and if it would be so bad to be eating whipped cream and strawberries off of some Eastern European prostitute’s belly right now. Sure, not nutritious, but food is food.

Twin C was downright hallucinating, so when he saw the girl, he didn’t think she was real. “Gabba gabba blubba froggy,” said Twin C. The girl, who had red hair and freckles, smiled, and gave C a piece of beef jerky. Instantly Twin C’s brain sprang back into rightness. “Who are you? Where are we?”, asked Twin C.

The girl said nothing. She just smiled, and got a little taller.

Then Twin C noticed himself shrinking.

Twin C stared in horror as the girl sprang up another 4 feet. Then he gave a gasp of horror as he felt himself shrink to half-size!

This wasn’t what he was looking for when he signed up for that cruise!

The girl became even taller! She was vast, gargantuan, a 12-year old Amazon. He could no longer see her face.

Twin C felt himself become miniscule, ant-like, a rock-sized C among blades of cartooney grass.

The last thing that C saw was a giant black shadow, travelling through space to completely block out the sun, squarely aimed, gathering velocity, the Tallest Of Them All.


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