July 25, 2005

The Adventures Of Twin C

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One of my favorite science-fiction books of all time is George Alec Effinger’s “What Entropy Means To Me”. It’s sort of the Pale Fire of science fiction, an intricate literary puzzle in which Dore has gone on a quest to find Our Father, who has left the family and Our Mother, and Seyt, his younger brother, is chronicling his adventures. Even though he has no idea where Dore has gone.

So, since I have no idea where Twin C has gone, 99 comment spams or not, I will begin to chronicle his adventures. Now. Hopefully some sort of Effinger-like family bifurcation will soon take place, with B and I warring against Twin D, who is striving to protect Twin C’s good name.

Twin C stepped onto the ship. His pants were long and khaki, and his cuffs got slightly wet with the condensation on the deck. A swarthy man in a polo shirt with a coporate logo looked him in the eye. The parrot on his shoulder spread its wings, which were adorned with the same logo. “Welcome to MegaConComCruise Corporate Enterprises,” the pirate drawled. “Skkkraw!”, skkrawed the parrot. “Here, have a free MegaConComCruise pegleg.” The pirate handed the pegleg to Twin C.

Boy, Twin C thought. I am sure glad I dressed business casual.

The parrot led Twin C to his room. “Skkkraw!”, and the parrot had stolen the strawberry candy from under Twin C’s pillow. “You bastard!”, shouted Twin C, and swung his pegleg at the parrot. “Missed me, sucker!”, skkrawed the parrot. He pooped a round ball of parrotfeces, and flew off into the distance.

Twin C settled back into his comfy, strawberry candy-less bed. The seminar tonight was going to be…..

(To C Continued… (I can’t write that much at work, lest I be blog-busted…)

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