July 25, 2005

while the C is away the B shal play.

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I’ve spent most of this day tring to figure out the best way of
spoofing twinC while he is away pokerin it up. Is it either another
I’m at work bitchfest 2005 or tales of what is happening on the
poker cruise.
And I sit and try to write and its all just dumb. Maybe the
only thing funny that I came up with was calling PSB, PBJ.
but that now seems dumb as well, cause PSB rocks.
cheeeesy grits!
here I am still with nothing, but its better
than writing about my own life. I could
make the world feel better with a
self depricating rant, but my drepression
kitty* told** me thats not a good idea.

let just hope twin c becomes rich so
we can be like the Baldwins. If it
was not true already.

*the hallucinated kat that follows me
around when I am really really sad.

**depression kitty does not talk.

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