July 21, 2005

Where my posters at, y’all?

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I’ve become the worst slacker ever.

There is obvious work I should be doing, and I ignore it all, to go hit the dozen or so websites I read and reread over and over again. I’m completing the bare minimum of what should be done. Fortunately I’ve mastered the art of looking really busy when in reality I’m anything but.

For some reason I haven’t been feeling like posting - I’ve complained so much about the home improvement crap I’ve been doing, which is a drop in the bucket to what RJT has been slowly accomplishing over at Procrastinet, and I’m a little embarrassed at my latest idiocy. We have a ceramic towel bar holder, and one of the two pieces holding up the towel bar fell off, and somehow did not break. I discussed with Jon L. how to fix it, went ahead and bought the needed supplies (a smaller scraper and some tile cement), and three nights ago got to work. The first step, I deduced, was to clean off the old cement. However, some of the cement was on the inside of the bar holder, and in my zealousness to remove all old cement, it somehow seemed logical to chip away at the cement inside using a screwdriver as a chisel. Needless to say, despite the fact that I really got almost all of the old cement out, I pressed my luck and of course, I broke it. Into five pieces - two huge ones, two smaller ones, and one chip sized piece that promptly disappeared. I screamed “FUCK!!!” about fifty times.

After determining that there was no way in hell I was going to find a replacement piece (both internet searches and hardware store discussions were fruitless - it’s powder blue, and from the 70s, if not earlier), I bought some “better than Crazy Glue” glue, and glue the remaining pieces back together. The cracks show, but it held.

The next night I got the piece, and the cement, and put it back up on the wall. Fortunately, I remembered that the towel bar needed to go inside of it before I sealed it. It looked like it wasn’t going anywhere, but I held it in place with some duct tape anyway.

This morning I removed the duct tape. When you strategically hang a towel over the bar, it doesn’t look that bad. I’d love it if I could somehow touch up the cracks with some sort of powder blue ceramic paint. Do they make such a thing?

I also installed a new shower head, as I thought the old one was clogged and sort of ugly. In the process, I learned all about threading tape (you can’t use enough! It was totally leaking at the top on the first install - I took it off again and put a lot more tape on it - much better!), and also how to spend way too much on an adjustable wrench. It’s really bad-ass though, at least, all black and mean looking, with a comfortable handle. And of course, I fucked up the metal on the top part, being unable to make it tight enough without scraping the metal. More touch up paint, please.

We’re having people over tomorrow night, and we’ve been working like dogs to make the apartment look good. Both PSB and I are tiiiiiiiiiiired. At least it will all be done, and it’s impressive that we got it finished within three weeks of me moving in.

But my point is, if I’m not posting much, and I certainly won’t be posting for over a week starting Sunday, youse other Polenbergs, start filling in! Get that kvetching going!

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  1. I’m torn between being pleased at the shout-out and honked off that you had to point out it was going “slowly”…

    Comment by rjt — July 21, 2005 @ 2:44 pm

  2. Heh heh! We’ll it’s only because you’ve kept on talking about tossing your timetable out the window - perhaps it was too unrealistic of a timetable for you, what, with a kid and a job and all. Regardless, you should be pleased. You’re truly a home repair god in my book. When you kept mentioning mud, I was like “Mud from outside?”

    Comment by Twin C — July 21, 2005 @ 2:54 pm

  3. I had some teflon tape and a adjustable wrench for you to borrow. You should have asked, but I am proud that you are starting to amass a tool collection!

    Comment by michael — July 21, 2005 @ 5:15 pm

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