June 29, 2005

Happy Birthday Gary Busey!

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Please go to Corn Mo’s website and download “Busey Boy” to honor Gary, and Corn Mo for looking like him. (He doesn’t actually look like him. At least I don’t think so.)

Someone is going to end up with a letter opener in their eye. In prime contention are:

1. the horrible coworker, who’s laugh is a combination of hyena, harpie, and mentally handicapped two year old. No human being should ever be this loud and obnoxious. This is the same stupid fucker who thought it would be amusing to not tell me that I would get trapped in a bathroom if I locked the door (in fact saying “Don’t forget to lock the door!”), and then laughed at me when I got locked in. You are so stupid and obnoxious and I can’t wait to stab you.

2. the super annoying manager, who changes her schedule on a dime and expects everyone else to readjust, with no flexibility on her part EVER. (Nor does she keep her calendar acurate. Jesus fucking Christ, who sucks more, you or your admin? If there’s a blank space on your calendar and you actually have a meeting there, fucking FILL IT IN!) You and your admin are both going to be visiting the optometrist shortly. Maybe the Polendad will squeeze you in.

3. anyone else who asks me to do anything.

Jefe’s job blows as well. Go take a look at Seeing in the Dark and get an example of what he deals with on a daily basis.

We have an intern for the next two months, and while I’m enjoying the fact that I have someone to help me with all the horrible tedious crap I have to do, I feel guilty that I’m subjecting her to it. I mean, I hate doing it, why would I want to make someone else do it?

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