May 28, 2014

A kvetch about bad beats. And other stuff.

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Hello blogasphere. How’s it going?

Harry is four now. FOUR. He’s totally awesome. 95% super well behaved, and funny, and sweet.

Twin D has another baby! She is about as sweet as a two week old can be. When I met her at two days old, she was very calm, and I know it’s ridiculous to say but I really feel like she was looking at me a lot.

My job has been really crazy for the past three months, as I’ve been covering for another colleague who’s been out on medical leave. I’ve taken over 70% of her responsibilities, and they are, to put it lightly, not much fun. But they’re almost done, and then I can go back to just doing my job.

I’ve been messing around with online poker again after taking some time off - I find it a little easier to play it rather than video games sometimes at night when I’m tired. You don’t need the reflexes to play. However, I’ve got a small roll (aka not much money online) and I’ve lost 3/4 of it in less than a week. Some of it I will free admit was bad play (perhaps I should not play ANYTHING when I’m tired). But also, I’ve lost a very large number of hands with all of my money in the pot where I was WAY ahead - 80% to win preflop, 70% to win postflop, situations like:

Me - -Jerkoff
AA vs. QQ - Q on the board
AA vs. QQ - board has 9 10 J and K on it.
QQ vs. A10 - four nines on the board. The fourth on the river, of course.

I’ve lost to some four card flushes as well, where the other player had no reason to stay in, and I’ve run QQ into KK twice and AA once or twice too. UGLY.

I’ve tighten up a LOT and dropped down levels (as painful as that is) and will need to rebuild. Just like the good old days. So far it’s going a little better. I will consider moving back up with I double where I’m at now (which will get me halfway back to where I was before). . .

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