November 14, 2013

Dada’s Keys: A Cautionary Tale

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(with apologies to Knuffle Bunny)

Yesterday I had an all day training session at work, and PSB was working at home, and so I woke up a little earlier than usual to ensure I had time to get Harry to daycare and then to the session within a reasonable amount of lateness (just for the record, the training was for other people and I was just auditing). As we arrived to Harry’s classroom, I remembered that it was Show and Share Day, and that we were supposed to have something for Harry to show to his class and talk about. The letter of the week was “K”. I panicked, and then thought, “Hey, I’ll give him my keys! Perfect!”

Then I thought, “Is this a good idea? Maybe I should give him just a few of my keys? Do I have anything else in my bag that starts with K?”

Then I thought, “Nah. It’ll be fine, give him the whole ring. He won’t lose them.”

So I left my keys. All of them. House keys and office keys.

I began to have second thoughts as I walked towards the subway. I snarked on Facebook via my phone, “This isn’t going to end in disaster, right?”

When I got to work, I realized my first mistake - my office was locked, and I didn’t have the key, and my laptop was inside, which I needed for the training session. Fortunately, the admin right down the hall from my office had a master. I headed up to the session, a little bit but not outrageously late, and camped out for the day.

When I went to pick up Harry, I immediately went to his cubby, where my keys should have been waiting in the basket. Of course, they weren’t there.

I got Harry and his teacher, and we began to go through the classroom. Harry kind of understood that we were looking for something, but didn’t quite realize that we were going to be locked out of the apartment (PSB was supposed to be heading out to a show that night and would be gone by the time we got home.) I left the teacher and went to check at the front desk. The school administrator checked the lost and found, and had an envelope with keys in it! Except they weren’t mine. She then headed back to the classroom to search as well.

After ten minutes of searching, getting more and more frustrated, I gave up. I called PSB and asked her if she could stay home until we got back, and then I’d give her money so she could take a car to the theater. The teacher and administrator kept searching - they started going through other kids’ stuff. (I figured another kid had picked them up and brought them home, and hopefully a parent would find them and bring them back in the morning.)

As we were waiting for the elevator, I heard a triumphant cry - I turned the corner, and they had somehow found my keys! One of the kids had grabbed them at some point, but instead of taking them home, stuffed them in their bag which they had left at school. Hooray! Disaster averted. Barely.

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