August 15, 2013


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Tonight we’re off to Peter Luger for a steakfest, in honor of my birthday. The other Polenboys will treat, and I will eat me some delicious delicious steak.

This afternoon, in preparation, instead of eating an entire box of granola bars like I wanted to, I went and worked out for the first time in a while. I consider myself incredibly lucky that I stay in relatively good shape and my metabolism, while certainly slowing (no more eating a pint of Ben and Jerry’s every night and never gaining an ounce like in college), is still pretty good.

I get incredibly bored working out, so at work, I try to time it so I can be on a machine for 45 minutes and watch the last three quarters of a random show - preferably something I wouldn’t care too much about watching anyway. NCIS, Castle, and Las Vegas are good examples, and any of the three Law and Orders work too - good shows, but not something I watch all the time. (PSB and I used to watch SVU, but once Stabler left we couldn’t bear to watch - most of the plots were really stupid by that point anyway.) I’d rather miss the first 15 minutes and just figure out what’s going on and see the ending rather than see 45 minutes of an episode and then miss the end. (Well, sure, I could work out for an hour, but that’s just crazy!) Back at home I would watch two Archers and have a complete workout, but my data plan got switched a couple of months ago (no more unlimited data???? Thanks Obama. I mean Verizon.) and so now I’m hesitant to use that much bandwidth. I guess I could watch one and see how many megs I use.

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