December 13, 2012

Blog Kvetch. Hooray.

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I figured I’d post it here instead of the almighty Facebook for once. . .

The L train is 2 for 4 so far this week for completely sucking in the morning. More irritatingly, I’ve been waking up at a normal hour every morning due to morning meetings, and I was super late to one of them, and right on time for the others. This morning was a bad L train morning, but because I didn’t have Harry with me I just hoofed it to the G and took it to the 7, and made it just in time to grab a bunch of mini bagels and some coffee and a bottle of water (an actual bottle of water, something that’s become a scarcity around here, mostly it’s a good thing but every once in a while it would be really handy to have a bottle of water instead of having to find a pantry and use one of the filtered water dispensers). Somehow I didn’t win any awards during the meeting. I’m not quite sure why not, although the fact that they did not give an award out for slacking greatly diminished my chances.

That’s all for now. I totally should be doing this other work that I needed to do two days ago, but I’ve also had so many stupid meetings that I haven’t been able to do anything, slack-wise or work-wise. So now I slack for a minute, then I’ll totally do it. Like, really. I will.

In just a minute.

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  1. one little, two little, three little slackers….

    Comment by Blitch — January 4, 2013 @ 7:57 pm

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