October 7, 2012

So Here’s What Happened (And Didn’t) In Las Vegas - Part 1

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Here’s a quick trip report about the September Vegas trip. It might be a little out of order at this point:

I made my flight on Sunday morning, no problems, and managed to score an exit row for free. (Now I can’t decide if I like the extra leg space more than the ability to recline my seat. I think I might like the row right behind the exit row the best, because then I can recline my seat but they can’t recline theirs.) Before we took off, Twin D texted me, saying that he had missed his flight - he had left his home a little later than he had meant to but still should have had plenty of time to reach the airport (White Plains), but someone decided it would be a good idea to put the running section of a triathlon on the road between the highway and the airport, so D was stuck for a half hour a mile away from the airport, and got into the airport ten minutes before he was supposed to take off. The airline rep told him to take the next flight out (to Chicago), and he would be first on the standby list on the flight to Vegas. He was a little upset (understandably), but I encouraged him to take the flight out there and he’d just get to Vegas later and everything would be fine. Then I took off on my direct flight. The movie selection sucked and my TV wasn’t working correctly, so I decided to try the in flight wifi, thinking that I could watch some Netflix on my phone. However, after spending the $10, it became very apparent that it was not working properly, and when I went to the website and read the fine print, it said that video streaming would not work. They should make that a lot clearer on the screen before you are ready to purchase. I complained to a customer service rep on their chat and they gave me a free session for the trip back, which didn’t address the issue, but whatever. I was able to email with D, who had made it to Chicago but apparently the airline rep had been smoking crack, because the Vegas flight was oversold. He was going to sit tight and see what was going on.

We had rented a car, but it was in his name, so I took a taxi out to our hotel, the Rio. It was off the strip, but it was the only property besides the Imperial Palace where I could get a comp, and I’ve heard the Palace is a rat trap so I had no desire to stay there. The Rio had also offered me a very cheap upgrade ($10 a night) for a high floor Strip view room, which I decided to take. Check in took forever - even at an off-Strip property, it was jammed. I got my room, which turned out to be all the way at the end of a very long hallway. Next time, screw the Strip view, get me something that doesn’t take me five minutes to get to the elevator! But the suite rooms at the Rio are huge, and generally nice. They had Keurig coffee makers, which I thought was awesome, and the worst shower heads in the universe, which was terrible. I want a shower, not a sand blaster.

Twin D let me know that not only was the flight he was supposed to be on standby for was impossible to get on, but so was any other flight to Vegas, but even worse, so was any flight going back to the New York City area. He was essentially trapped in Chicago overnight, thanks to the total incompetence of the airline employee in White Plains. I was totally bummed that he wasn’t going to be able to make it. . . I mean, I guess he could have flown in the next morning, but then he would really have only been in Vegas for 24 hours. . . probably not worth it (unless you are a degenerate like me).

Twin A was still working and wasn’t going to be available for an unknown period of time (likely hours), so I sat down at a poker table. The cards were not going my way. I played for a while and could barely win a hand, and any time I was involved with a pot I was missing completely, or getting called when I was bluffing, or someone would stay in and draw out on me. The worst was when someone called my sizable reraise with A4 suited versus my AK, and flopped a straight, of course calling my all in bet. I managed not to steam too much, rebought, and stayed afloat but not coming back.

Twin A called, finally, but I was exhausted and not hungry, so we agreed to meet the next morning for brunch. I was going to have to rent a car in the meantime, since I was now carless since there was no Twin D. . .

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