September 16, 2012

Two Sundays of Awesome, With Suck Inbetween

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Later today I’m heading to BAM to see Einstein on the Beach, which I was fortunate enough to see the last time it played at BAM, around 20 years ago. I am expecting it to be as incredible this time as it was back then.

A week from today, I’m leaving for Las Vegas for a quick jaunt. Twin A has been out there since the end of August, working his new job with Blue Man Group, helping them move and relaunch their show with a bunch of all new acts and costumes and such. Some of the new stuff was featured on America’s Got Talent earlier this week, and if the show is as good as what they featured on TV, they’re going to be in great shape:

Those suits are so sick!!!!! Also, I’m referring to my butt as either the Jumbotron, my two weird cousins, or my gross national product from now on. (I’m not so sure about the last one, but it amuses me whether or not it was actually in the song.)

Anyway, what’s even cooler about the trip is that Twin D is also coming! I’m a little sorry Twin B can’t make it as well, but we didn’t plan it or anything, Twin D just decided he wanted to go as well. We’re both staying at the Rio, I got comped and he got a really good rate, and we both got cheap upgrades to high level strip view rooms. We’re also renting a car, since we want to make it to locations off of the strip (Pinball Hall of Fame, here we come!, and I’ll be experiencing In and Out Burger for the first time) and we’d be paying so much in taxi fare that it just made sense to get a car. Twin A plans to take us to some amazing omakase on Sunday night once he gets off work. Then on Monday, Kissyfur ALSO heads to Las Vegas, so the four of us will go have some other insanely yummy dinner, then they’ll go off and be lovey and Twin D and I will get into as much trouble as possible before my flight Tuesday morning.

It’s an incredibly quick trip, but it was all I could make work since I’m pretty much out of vacation days and I need some for the end of the year when we head down to Alabama for Xmas.

So between today and a week from today, I have the work week, which is going to be pretty terrible. I have three mornings with a prompt 9 AM start time (yes, I know, cry rivers for me, I’m a lazy lazy man), and two of those mornings involve all day (well, one all day and one “half” day) meetings with a new team that I am starting to work with. I have been warned ahead of time that there may be a lot of griping during these meetings, as they’re coming together to talk about a new process that they’ve been working on, and comparing it with the old process (strangely enough, I’m only getting trained on the old process, as the new one is going to be theoretically learned by a new colleague). And the other morning I have to attend training for system that honestly I’m probably not going to use very much, but since we have a project right now that involves its use, I have to take the training. Blah.

Also, there’s a Moth on Friday, but that’s not sucky at all. That’s awesome!

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