June 20, 2011


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Great Spruce Head Island was beautiful as usual. We had a lovely time. Harry especially enjoyed all the extra running around and lots of frolicking in the grass once the weather got nice enough (it was a little rainy the first few days).

We took a lot of pictures of him, as well as a bunch of seals we went by in the ferry on the way there, that I would upload to my photo site, except that somehow my hard drive on my personal computer shit the bed. If you recall, right around this time a year ago, my hard drive also shit the bed. This was the replacement drive, which was definitely supposed to last longer than this. It boggles my mind that I have hard drives that are years older that are still alive when I plug them in, but two newer ones in two years have both conked out? BLARGH.

I know I’ve backed up files at some point, but I don’t remember when. It’s a little heartbreaking. I’ve ordered a new hard drive again which will come in later this week, and once again, I begin to recreate my computer. I have to stick the old drive in the freezer once I can stick it in the static-proof bag that the new drive will arrive in, and then hope that somehow I can get it alive long enough to pull documents and pictures off of it. The rest I can just re-download or whatever. . .

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